Watch our Musical Theater Kids Dance, Sing & Act

A short review of Musical Theater Kids Performing in our private theater at Main Street Dance & Music in Somerset County, Manville, NJ.

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Our Mission

We are committed to spreading the joy of music lessons, singing lessons, musical theater classes, guitar, drums, and piano lessons at our music and dance school with optional, low-pressure performance oppurtunities or all programs. 


Qualified Amazing Teachers

Your child's dance teacher and music teacher takes pride in their progress and will cater their private music or dance lesson to their needs and interested. Dance & Theatre teachers have experience in teaching diverse groups of children of different ages and experience. 

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Theater, piano, singing, drums, guitar, and a kid's dance school?!

Yes! That is right, we are your "one-stop-shop" for all of your family's talents!

We were the only Music AND Dance School in Somerset County and now we are the only School with its own Theatre too!

We are also the only music and dance school in the Hillsborough, Bridgewater, Somerset area with a theater (pictured on the left) on site for rehearshal and shows! Even our tiny 2 year old dancers will benefit from dancing in  "The Main Stage Theatre" with low-pressure, in-class stage show and tell's. 

Equipped with state of the art lighting and sound system to compliment ballets, musical theater shows and rock concerts!

8 Benefits of Music and Dance Classes

Dance and Musical Theater classes will help your child later in life:

1. They will become more disciplined in order to achieve their goals

2. Become more in control of their mind and body 

3. Increase their memory (i.e. by memorizing steps to a dance and words to a play)

4. Experience public speaking/performing

5. Meeting new friends from neighboring towns of Somerset, Bridgewater, Hillsborough,

Raritan, Bound Brook and South Bound Brook.

5. Higher self-esteem

6. Increased confidence

7. A well-rounded adult!

Can you imagine singing in front of an audience? Or better yet, in front of your peers in a small class environment? 

Do you have the confidence and courage to do that? 

Give that experience to your child now before the fears grow, so they aren't afraid to try new things later on. 

Files coming soon.

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