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Musical Theatre on The Main Stage

Musical Theatre Page Under Construction Just like our in-house Theatre!

Soon you will see before and after photos of the construction of Main Street Dance & Music's in-house theatre!

Musical Theatre for Kindergarten-2nd

One hour program introducing the youngest actors to improvisation, performance, broadway style tap & jazz, acting, teamwork and more! Low-pressure, optional performances on "The Main Stage" at Main Street Dance & Music.

Musical Theatre for 3rd Grade-Teen

Headshots, designing props, making sets, writing bios, acting, singing, broadway tap & jazz, musical reviews, one-acts and variety shows are just some of the amazing experiences your child will have in our full-service Musical Theatre program on Wednesday's from 5:45-7:45pm.


Visit our facebook page for on-going updates and before and after phtos of the theatre:


Is it affordable? Yes.

Is is fun? Yes.

Is it professional? Yes.

Is it taught by three different teachers with expertise in their field? Yes.

Is it only a few hours per week? Yes.

Is it only one night per week? Yes.

Are the rehearshals during regular classtime so we can have more family dinners together? Yes.

Will my child gain confidence? Yes.

Will my child have fun? YES

Will my child get to perform? Yes.

Can I rent costumes for $20 instead of spending a lot of money? Yes.

Will more informative FAQ's be posted soon? Yes.